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Startup PR manages PR for vegan, eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes

April 23 2018

The Pearly White Club has created a subscription service which aims to make sustainable living convenient. Their eco-friendly toothbrush handles are made from bamboo, meaning the handles are completely compostable once the bristles are removed! The bristles on the Pearly White Brushes are made from Nylon 6, which is BPA free, decomposes faster than other nylons and is the most effective material for keeping your teeth clean. It also means the toothbrush is 100% vegan-friendly (unlike the boar hair alternatives)!

We are looking forward to a successful PR Campaign targeting the lifestyle and green media and already have national media interest for review samples of these eco-friendly brushes! With the recent campaigns around reducing plastic waste and living a greener lifestyle, we think the media are going to love these brushes! The Pearly White club are also creating brushes for children, which we think the parenting media will love as a convenient option for creating an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Jess Jones is leading this campaign, so for more information please contact jessica.jones@startuppr.co.uk



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