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Startup PR selected to run campaign for Vieve – a refreshing protein water drink

August 21 2017

Vieve is a revolutionary fitness protein water drink which has just become the first sports-nutrition product to receive Sugarwise “Sugar-Free” certification.

This refreshing new brand is set to prove that protein is not just for the pros. We are excited to work with Vieve as they aim to disrupt the sports and fitness market and bring the benefits of protein to a mainstream audience of active men and women, by cutting out the sugar, fat and artificial ingredients associated with sports nutrition products. It comes in three delicious flavours, and each bottle contains zero sugar, zero fat, and 20 grams of protein.

The product was created by an ambitious entrepreneur, and working with a team of dieticians, nutritionists and creatives, he has successfully developed the first ever protein drink to be officially classed sugar-free by Sugarwise.

Matt Davidson will be leading this PR campaign, so for press enquiries, please contact matt@startuppr.co.uk



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